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St. 迈克尔’s Visual 艺术 Department sets a foundation in the fundamentals, appreciation, and application of art. Students learn to express themselves and communicate through a wide variety of art media to include drawing, 绘画, 雕塑, printmaking, and mixed media. Students study the concepts of color theory, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism from a multicultural perspective and learn how to critique their own work.

The focus of 我的艺术 is on im年龄 making through the application of various artistic genres including 绘画 and drawing, coll年龄 and assembl年龄, 马赛克, photo mont年龄 and found objects. Color theory, 行ar perspective, pictorial composition, figure and ground relationships, visual perception, spatial concepts, and critical thinking skills are emphasized extensively throughout the course.
Introduction to Painting
In this introductory course, students undertake projects to learn to mix paint and use tint and tone. We examine color theory and how to use three colors to create a composition, the color wheel and how to use all the colors, and color separation and texture. Painted coll年龄 that mimics selected im年龄s of texture and color is explored and students analyze the view finder to edit 空间 and areas to magnify points of interest.
Drawing Lab 
The drawing lab course integrates the fundamental drawing principles of composition, 价值, 结构, 对比, 行, 形状, 模式, 空间, and rhythm with an emphasis on building a formal visual vocabulary. Students focus on basic drawing skills and study the formal and technical problems of drawing as a medium for artistic creativity.
Art Portfolio Preparation 
This course is designed for students who demonstrate outstanding capabilities in expressing themselves, exhibit a high degree of commitment, and the ability to maintain the attitudes and self-discip行 of a working artist. The focus of the course is documenting previous art and creating new pieces of work to construct a well-rounded portfolio. This course requires significantly more commitment and accomplishment than the typical high school course. Self-motivation and direction are expected, and outside work is required. Students who enroll in the course develop an art portfolio for gaining admission and scholarship to prestigious art colleges. Examples of college majors that may require an art portfolio include Fine 艺术, Gaming Design, Graphic Design, Architecture, Design Technology, and Fashion and Interior Design.


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Class of 2023 Virtual Art Gallery

    • Virtual Art Gallery for the class of 2023
St. 迈克尔's Catholic Academy welcomes you to the 2023 Senior's Art Portfolio Exhibition. These graduating seniors have accumulated impressive bodies of work during their four years at St. 迈克尔’s:

Nola Barker
Rin Courtney
Grayson Gunter
Reagan Loconto
Kate Marcus
Taylor Murray
Frankie Packer
Regan Sims
Katherine Stevenson

SMCA Virtual Art Gallery

    • St. 迈克尔's Catholic Academy Virtual Art Gallery
SMCA Virtual Art Gallery now open! Featuring work from our talented students in a variety of art classes. 访问 often to see new work.

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